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Block soccer content and avoid unpleasant surprises


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Spoiler Spoiler is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to block any content related to a national soccer team. The only thing that you have to do is select the country that you want to block and activate the filter.

Once you have activated the Spoiler Spoiler filter, you can freely browse the internet without finding out about the results of the games that your selection has played. That is to say, this is really an app that allows soccer fans to watch their team's games after the fact without ruining the surprise.

Spoiler Spoiler also allows you to block all of the soccer content on any website, of course. That is to say, Spoiler Spoiler could be just as useful for those who hate soccer as it is for soccer fans.

Spoiler Spoiler is a good content blocker. Thanks to its simple interface and limited options, it allows you completely clean soccer from your browser in a matter of seconds.
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